Training AIM in CS:GO

Among the main indicators and skills for the player CS: GO accuracy is among the key. Sharp shooting will become a true helper in any situation, especially if you are playing a round with a weak weapon. This is a skill in which there is no limit to perfection.

Improve the key skills and correct mistakes will be helped by training aim, for which in CS: GO there are special maps. The map for training shooting in CS: GO will help to quickly determine your main mistakes and misses allowed in the competitive and other game modes. Regular training and workouts will help to correct inaccuracies and improve existing skills.

To access special maps in local mode, it is sufficient to perform several actions:

  • Subscribe to the card in the Steam Workshop;
  • Start the game;
  • Select “Play”, after which the mode “Offline with bots”;
  • Go to Workshop and find the specific card to which the subscription was subscribed;
  • Choose a specific card and the mode “No bots”.

The most popular maps for training aim:


The card contains a large number of parameters available for configuration. Allows you to train in shooting with any weapons, including close-range combat. It is possible to pass a differentiated test: during a specific time, random or static targets appear on the map. Training simulates a real game.


The map is more suitable for training pistol shooting, although it can improve the skills for any weapon. Bots are placed in a narrow corridor, there is the possibility of switching obstacles. Individual settings allow you to maximize the location to the real environment. Bots can not resist or fire back.



The best option for training in the accuracy of shooting on targets moving side. The movements of the bots are tuned, if desired, they will move faster than real players. The map allows you to select a variety of settings, making the workout as efficient as possible.

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