Installing the config in CS:GO

Any CS player: GO wants to improve the existing skills of the game. One day for all, there comes a time when nothing can be changed only by persistent trainings. There is a desire to look for other ways to raise your own results.

To achieve success, one option is to  change the game settings using a special file. To use it, you need to figure out how to install the config into CS: GO.

Config is a  set of settings saved in a file with the extension. Cfg. It includes game parameters that reflect the shape and size of the sight, the speed of the mouse, the detail of the image, the sensitivity of the zoom, etc. All configs are divided into several categories:

  • Client settings (preset graphics settings, key values, mouse sensitivity, etc.);
  • Server settings (work only for server owners);
  • Scripts are a  specific sequence of actions assigned to be performed by pressing a particular key.

The use of configuration files allows you to fine tune the game, which significantly affects the result. The existence of this method causes many players to seek the answer, how to install .cfg for CS: GO?

There are two paths to the configuration file. You can create and set your own config, or you can use the ready-made option. Files of this type are opened with a text editor. Each stitch in them is responsible for a certain game parameter.

If you have a ready-made version and want to replace it with your own settings, you need to move it to the cfg folder located in the game directory. For the changes to take effect, you need to start the game. Then open the command console and write: exec “the name of the configuration file” .cfg.

If you do not want to repeat these actions every time, go to the Steam library by right-clicking the “Properties” icon on the CS: GO icon. After that, go to the setting of the startup parameters and type the command -console -exec “config name” .cfg. Once you confirm the settings, you can continue the game with a new configuration.

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