From CS:GO Gold Nova to Big Star – Star Titles

“Stars” – the most popular titles in CS:GO. After calibration, approximately 70% of all players receive “star” ranks:

  • Gold Nova 1;
  • Gold Nova 2;
  • Gold Nova 3;
  • Gold Nova Master.

Also in these ranks is one of the highest available in the game – Big Star. I’m sure all players with this title are dreaming of ever getting the “Big Star”, because at this level you can play against players with a really good reaction and high skill. Big STAR CS GO is an indicator that a person knows about the game not by hearsay, knows all the basic positions on the map and their names. Also, there is confidence that an account with this rank of the player will be deserved, since paid boosts are often raised to the ranks of Global Elite or Suprem.

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