How to add bots to CS:GO

The game in CS CS against bots is a great way to work out a variety of combat techniques, learn maps, generally improve your level or enjoy the game without getting involved in multiplayer battles. In the process of starting the game with computer opponents, you can specify the skill level of the bots. Their number will be standard – 9, that is 4 in your team and 5 opponents. If you guys can easily cope with the most powerful bots, you can try to increase their number using special console commands. This tutorial will tell you how to make more bots in CS CS!

Why can I need additional bots?

If newcomers find it difficult to get used to the game, and they lose in the match even against the weakest opponents, they can try to add bots to their team and such an intensified “gang” to punch their way to success.

If players of the intermediate or advanced level wish to ask themselves more stringent conditions in the match against AI opponents, they can add bots to the enemy team. Setting different degrees of their complexity, it will be possible to play against a team with numerical superiority, but not necessarily with the highest level of skill.

You may have your reasons for adding bots. It’s even fun.

How to add bots to the KS GO through the console

There are such console commands for this:

  • bot_add_ct – additional bot appears in the command of special forces;
  • bot_add_t – plus one bot in the team of terrorists;
  • bot_add is a team in the gambling style, because it adds the bot to the random command;
  • bot_quota 13 – the number of bots in both commands is set, the value of “13” can be replaced at will.

Before adding a bot to CS CS, it is worth paying attention to two more commands:

  • mp_limitteams 0 – value “0” removes the restriction on the number of shooters in the team, and “1” removes it again.
  • mp_autoteambalance 0 – if you put “0”, the game will not support an equal number of team members. The value “1” activates this function again.

Console teams – a very useful tool in the hands of a skilful gamer. To enter them, you need to activate the appropriate setting in the “Game Parameters” menu, after which you can press the tilde (~, the same button as the Russian button) at any time of the battle and just enter the command.

More details about this you can read in the material: The most useful console commands CS GO . This is a tutorial, and a small set of the most useful commands – they can be copied from there.

And let the bots do anything you want …

Bots are fully computer controlled. Players give commands to the computer through the console. So we can make the bots do anything. If you know, of course, the appropriate team.

Here are some of them that you can influence virtual enemies:

  • bot_kick – bots just disappear;
  • bot_kill – the bots are dying;
  • bot_stop – the bots stand still;
  • bot_dont_shoot – the bots do not have the ability to fire;
  • bot_knives_only – all bots only fight with knives;
  • bot_pistols_only – the only weapon of the bots will be the pistols;

After learning how to add bots to CS CS, you can experiment with a single game, improving gaming skills. You can also use these commands when setting up your server.

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